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We believe the way you design
is just as important as what you design.

It's not about getting something new,
it's about getting something that's right for you.

It's not about blueprints,
its about listening to how you want to live.

At sweeney designbuild it's all about
making your home a place you love.

T H E   C R E W

shawn sweeney is an award-winning designer and builder who has worked in the construction business for almost ten years. His designs have won awards from Better Homes & Gardens, Fine Homebuilding Magazine and the Home Builder and Remodeler's Association of Vermont.

Before his career in design and construction, Shawn was a location manager on major motion pictures, scouting locations and working with Academy Award winning directors and production designers to find locations that would depict a director's unique vision. Modifying or renovating a space to fit the script was a large part of his job. Since leaving the film business, Shawn has applied this valuable experience to defining and achieving a homeowner's unique vision.

After wrapping What Lies Beneath, his final movie shot right here in Vermont, Shawn joined Peregrine Contracting of Underhill. While serving as project manager and chief sales person, he helped identify a need for an approach that brought clients through a building process that not only considered the basic construction elements, but also considered the budget and how it would interface with the design. During this time Shawn studied at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, Vermont, under the renowned architect Tulio Inglese.

In 2007, sweeney designbuild llc was established, bringing together a team of highly experienced and skilled carpenters and craftspeople who apply a practical point of view and caring work ethic to the building and renovation process.